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Hey Matchbook – where have you been?

It was a wonderful surprise to see that Downtown Oshkosh Inc. made a feature post on their Facebook page for the studio. Of course, a bit of panic hit immediately as it has been a bit since this webpage was updated.

Since the senior spARTan show, Matchbook has been functioning as a working studio. On September 2nd, however, it was open for a showing of “Miasma” – a collection of pieces that Cristian has been currently been working on. Moving beyond the painting that he has done for the last few years, “Miasma” incorporates mixed media pieces and at one point becomes sculptural.

“July Twenty-Fourth” (2017, left) and “Nine Plan Failed” (2017, right).

the senior spARTan show


On June 3rd, 2017, Matchbook Studio will be hosting the artwork of graduation seniors from Oshkosh North High School for a one night pop-up event. The gallery will be open from 5 – 9pm, and occurs during the Oshkosh gallery walk. Expect a “salon-style” display of 2D and 3D artwork from over a dozen students.

This is the second time that there has been a partnership with the students of Oshkosh North – the first being an exhibit of screen prints they displayed during the “100 days: the Creatives Respond” pop-up event. That work was loosely based off of the art of Shepard Fairey.


History of Matchbook Studio LLC

Matchbook Studio LLC was started as a joint venture between Appleton, Wisconsin artists Cristian Andersson and Beth V. Servais in 2014. Oshkosh, Wisconsin was selected because of the unique downtown atmosphere and year round gallery walk.

Cristian and Beth continued to create and show their work until 2016, when Beth relocated her studio to Appleton. Cristian has continued to work and show in this space.

Matchbook Studio has also hosted a number of other exhibits, most notably an Annual UW-Oshkosh Student Invitational, the sound influenced visual art of Spencer J. Karls, and a retrospective show of Cristian’s father, Nels E. Anderson. Additionally, it hosted national and international work as a featured venue for “100 days: the Creatives Respond,” which was a large citywide event organized by Cristian Andersson and Liminal Space Gallery.

2nd Annual UW-Oshkosh Student Invitational

Matchbook Studio LLC is proud to announce the participating emerging artists for the 2nd Annual UW-Oshkosh Student Invitational. Nate Lufkin, Devon Minor and Chong Xiong were selected as recipients of this invitational award based off artwork they had on display at the 16th Annual Honors show held at the Allen Priebe Gallery in February of 2017.

The reception will be on Saturday, May 6th from 5 – 9pm. Subsequent gallery hours will be:
Sunday, May 7th 10 – 5pm
Tuesday the 9th – Thursday the 11th 10am – 4pm
Saturday the 13th 10am – 7pm
Monday the 15th noon – 5pm
Tuesday the 16th – Thursday the 18th 10am – 4pm
Saturday the 20th 10am – 7pm
Sunday the 21st 10am – 5pm

Chong Xiong:

Devon Minor:

Nathan Lufkin: